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Are you looking for a laptop, desktop computer, printer or point of sale system. Click here to get through the cheapest most affordable machines in Nairobi Kenya. We offer various types of accessories at variant prices and with very good condition hence for any budget you might be having you wont miss any product. View below descriptions of our products.

Marksonic is the best computer sellers in Kenya that you don’t want to miss with unbeatable price in the market. Looking for the best place or website to buy a laptop, desktop computer, printer or point of sale systems in Kenya? We’ve got you covered. All you need is to have specifications of the PC or notebook your want then visit Marksonic computers which is a very reliable website for shopping online. At Marksonic Computers, we strive to ensure you get the best product quality and most importantly at the best price. Our products range from Computer accessories, Laptops, UPS, projectors, printers, desktops and monitors. Click here to get through a view of the cheapest most affordable machines in Nairobi Kenya.

Best Laptops Nairobi Kenya

Amongst many other items we deal with, Marksonic Computers is an awesome site to buy laptops or computers at large. If you happen to see a computer of your preferred specs posted here, don’t hesitate. You don’t have to be wealthy to buy it, but it can help you to be wealthy. Because it’s the 21st century, you need the advanced version of brand New HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Asus laptops which come with original operating system installed in them. We are your go-to shop for affordable Microsoft Notebooks in Kenya with a proven track record on variety, best prices, and excellent service.
Stop struggling with operating your old system and switch to quality EX-UK laptops for all the above categories with great performance at very competitive prices. Marksonic got you covered by offering affordable laptops for students as well

Find all notebook categories and their parts at Marksonic Nairobi. We offer the most affordable HP Laptops in Nairobi Kenya. Find the cheapest Lenovo laptops in Kenya. Get the best computer salers in Dell laptops in Nairobi Kenya. We also offer the best quality Acer in Kenya. Find the most affordable Microsoft notebooks in Kenya and also Asus Laptops available as well.

Further more we also have EX Uk laptops for all the above categories at very affordable prices. Get the most affordable laptops for students at Marksonic Nairobi.

We also offer the best gaming laptops in Kenya at the most affordable and cheapest prices.  We offer machines with very good processing capabilities, with the latest support that can enable it to play high intensive program with ease. Find your laptop of choice at Marksonic Nairobi with the most affordable prices.



We also offer desktop machines of various
categories at varying price ranges based on customers needs. Find the most
affordable desktop machines in Kenya at a budget of below 20, 000 with very
good capabilities as well. Get the best HP desktop computers at Marksonic
Kenya. We also have the latest Dell desktops which are very affordable with
good performance and capabilities. Get the most durable desktop machines that are available in Nairobi.

At Marksonic Computers we gather all your requirements at one place. If you are looking for Complete desktop Computers at affordable prices then you can go through Marksonic desktop Computers to select your Computers of Choice. Marksonic Computers offers all brands of desktop computers.

Get the best HP desktop computers, Dell desktop computers, Gaming Desktop Computers, All in one desktop computers. All designs of computers are also available.


We offer HD elite monitors that offer the
best display for your desktop machines. Purchase separate Monitors with very
good resolution at Marksonic Nairobi with the best pricing affordable. Find the
best HP elite monitor in Kenya, for a wide range of inches.

At Marksonic we offer all types of monitors; cheapest desktop monitors, hd gaming monitors in Kenya, most affordable monitors in Nairobi, HP monitors in Kenya, Dell monitors in Kenya, Acer monitors, Lenovo monitors and many more.

Get in touch with the best computer dealers in Nairobi for the best prices for your complete desktop computers. All made easy for you at Marksonic Computers



 Computer Accessories

Wondering where to buy best quality computer accessories in Kenya? Marksonic Computers got you covered. We stock high-quality, affordable and a wide range of pc accessories from leading brands ranging from keyboards, mouse, tp link for wifi, dlink switch, and 24 bit switch. Shopping online for PC accessories is now easier than ever before! Browse our list of products, make a choice, and load your cart. Find the most affordable networking tools in Nairobi at Marksonic Kenya.

At marksonic we have all the computer accessories you may need for your machine. Find cheapest and good quality computer accessories. We offer the best and cheapest, keyboards, mouse, tp link for wifi, dlink switch, 24 bit switch.


We are the best UPS offering company in Nairobi. Find all brands of UPS machines in Kenya at Marksonic. We offer APC ups, mercer ups, mercury elite, digitek UPS in Kenya. Check all our UPS at the UPS category available.

Looking for genuine UPS at pocket-friendly prices in Nairobi, or elsewhere in Kenya? Marksonic computers are your one-stop shop for all your UPS products requirements. Our brands range from APC ups, mercer ups, mercury elite, digitek UPS in Kenya.Check all our UPS at the UPS category available.
Why purchase UPS?
Lights go out, computer screens darken, machinery stops and productivity screeches to a halt as you immediately worry about lives, injury, safety and damage.
You cannot eliminate blackouts caused by strains on the power grid. However, Uninterruptible Power Supply protects your electronic devices from unsafe voltage fluctuations, and damaging power surges and spikes. It keeps your wireless network, gaming console, and other electronics running and allows for their safe shutdown. These facts underscore the need for a failsafe backup plan.


Find a wide range of projector available at the most affordable prices at MArksonic Nairobi. We offer quality Epson projectors in Nairobi Kenya. Find the cheapest Sony projectors in Kenya at marksonic as well. We are the most verified dealers in Nairobi Kenya in Epson accessories including printers and projectors.

Do not hesitate to contact Marksonic Nairobi for inquiries on your projectors. We offer the most quality projectors in Kenya and all its environs. Get in touch with us for a great quotation for your system.

All projector brands are available. Go through our products to get your product of choice and get to experience a beautiful HD viewing. Marksonic Computers in Nairobi is the go-to-place.


We have a very wide range of printers at
marksonic all at the best prices in Kenya.  We offer the most affordbale Epson printers in
Kenya, find the cheapest Epson printers and their accessories. We also offer HP
printers at the cheapest prices in Kenya. Find laser jet printers, colored
printers at the most affordable rates. We also offer discounts o most of our
printers find the most suitable printer for you or your business at marksonic
printers in Kenya.  Find the cheapest and
affordable ink catridges at Marksonic in Kenya. We offer the most available
Kyocera printers in Nairobi Kenya athe most affordable prices. Get the best
canon printers in Marksonic printers, Nairobi Kenya. Contact marksonic for best
printer supplies in Kenya.




At Marksonic we offer a wide range of electronics dealing with computers and computer parts. Our products are very affordable, reliable and of good quality. We offer warranty for all our products hence ensuring you have security for your purchases. We are the best computer salers in Nairobi Kenya. Contact us for the cheapest desktops in Kenya include top high performing servers at the best price in  Kenya.

Epson printer in Nairobi Kenya
Best Printers in Nairobi Kenya HP

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