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With so many laptops in the market today, choosing the best one for you can feel like an enormous task. Laptops vary in size, speed, graphic capabilities, storage, RAM, brand, price, and so many other factors. So, how do you know which one is the best for you? This will greatly depend on your personal needs and preferences. Read on to know how different factors will affect your choice for a laptop.

The size of a laptop will determine a lot. Before you go for a small size or for a larger one, it is important to know the implications. The most obvious one is portability. A smaller laptop will be easy to carry around compared to a larger one. Smaller laptops come with a 11.6-inch, 12.5-inch, or 13.3-inch screen size. One disadvantage of having a small screen-size one is that it will not support most high-end Intel Core CPUs or graphic cards. It will also have fewer ports and will not include a numeric keypad. Here are some of the small screen laptops we have in stock.

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